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Integrating Project Online
and Jira Software: Best Practice

Reading Time: 3 mins
Elena Humeniuk

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Integration of Project Online and Jira made easy by FluentPro Integration Hub.

Managing a vast project is not easy for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) administrators or Project Management Office (PMO) directors, especially when it involves coordinating work between IT and business teams already accustomed to a particular workflow. As a result, some companies prefer to combine the excellent agility of Jira with MS Project Online reliable functionality to produce efficient collaborations across departments.

But setting up and using Project Online Jira integration is also technically challenging for PMO directors and PPM administrators. When companies use Project Online and Jira project management tools simultaneously, they must cater to all stakeholders’ needs. For instance, management will demand to see a project report—a visualized format, usually as a Gantt chart (since that is how they are used to seeing it). When that happens, things start to get uncomfortable.

What about time and money constraints? The company has many administrative tasks to manage. Plus, a mandatory need to update the project information on Project Online according to Jira’s issue status. These scenarios are exhausting and time-consuming, especially when you are already saturated with many tasks, further adding to the expenses needed to run two project platforms.

Except there is a more straightforward solution. Luckily, there is FluentPro Integration Hub.


How to Simplify Project Online and Jira Software Integration for Efficient Project Management

Integration Hub is a FluentPro unique, cloud-based middleware integration solution for connecting project portfolio, financial management, and work management systems. With this solution, Integration Hub makes data integration between Project Online and Jira features seamless, which enhances coordination and collaboration of tasks among teams. The seamless data integration then provides a unified portfolio view of all companies’ project-related tasks, enabling management and other stakeholders to receive timely feedback and make informed decisions and recommendations that enhance business value overall and reduce costs.

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Excellent Performance of Integration Hub in Integrating Project Online and Jira Software

The FluentPro Integration Hub is a cloud-based integration solution with full functionality based on the Microsoft Azure SaaS Platform. It supports multiple connectors, meaning the possible connection to different platforms at the same time. Based on its data synchronization credibility, PMO directors and PPM administrators use Microsoft Project Online. They use it to build and maintain portfolio management, project schedule, and prioritization to get more from development teams who use for project portfolio management Jira. Jira’s use keeps all their iterations, product backlogs, user stories, and activities.

When both platforms are integrated, it creates automated updates of projects, which frees the development team from using Microsoft Project Online to provide a progress report for stakeholders. The Project Online and Jira software integration involve a two-way synchronization—Project Online project tasks with Jira issues. In the synchronization course, the Jira issue’s defined type and workflow is transformed into a brand-new project created in Project Online. Simultaneously, immediately the predefined type and status of the Jira issue are matched for the newly created issue in Jira. A project with a specific project type is created automatically in Project Online.

Jira integration with Project Online using FluentPro Integration Hub allows both project managers and development teams to have real-time, prompt updates on project tasks, including updates on prioritized projects and essential tasks. It also helps to display the necessary activities in Jira.

FluentPro Tech Expertise and IT Assistance Solutions Spans Decades of Experience in Innovative Technology

Thousands of companies have pitched their tents with FluentPro IT solutions for obvious reasons. First, FluentPro has some of the brightest IT brains with decades of experience and professional track records. We know precisely just how to set up your Project Online Jira integration to experience seamless and robust data integration devoid of all technical hitches.

Do you know you can have either software integrated “one-way” or “bidirectional synchronization”? Our IT specialists have helped hundreds of companies set up their integrations with the right integration prerequisites for Project Online.


Underlying Business Value in Using FluentPro Integration Hub for Integrating Project Online and Jira Software

There are many benefits for PPM administrators and PMO directors to use FluentPro Integration Hub:

  • They get all the updates promptly once the sync is complete.
  • Development teams also get their updates and tasks, all of which allow for timely performance and completion of projects.
  • Your workforce will become more engaging and reliable.
  • Your business will have more time planning project roadmaps, managing project resources, and effectively tracking project-related timelines easily—all in one place, adding more value to your business.

Why not take advantage of these immense business value opportunities.

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