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Ivari migrates project data from Microsoft Project Server to Project Online

Reading Time: 2 mins
Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Microsoft Project Server and Project Online are popular project management systems. However, PWA administrators and PMO team members must scramble to migrate their projects every time Microsoft updates the MS Project Server to enhance its capabilities. They must migrate all the data to a new Project Server or Project Online version. 

Migration Challenges 

During Project Server migration, PMO team members and IT administrators can face challenges associated with the following: 

  • Painful and time-consuming migration from on-premises to the cloud 
  • Mostly manual and routine work administering PWA 
  • Configuration management/change management in production PWAs 
  • Maintenance of development and test PWA environments 

Given these challenges, PMO Directors and IT Administrators require a solution to help them migrate Project Server to Project Online. 

Here is a customer success story of how trusted FluentBooks software for Project Server migration can provide peace of mind for PWA administrators and PMO team members. 

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FluentBooks for Project Server migration to Project Online 

ivari, a Canadian insurance company, successfully migrated its project data from Microsoft Project Server to Project Online with the help of FluentBooks. ivari’s team chose automated features and the ability to minimize manual work and its associated risks.  

Using FluentBooks for migration from Project Server to Project Online allowed ivari to achieve its goals and realize a raft of benefits, including:   

  • Successful migration of source PWA actual and historical data, including all configurations, projects, project sites, and timesheets from Microsoft Project Server to Project Online 
  • Significant reduction in manual PWA configuration management and administration 
  • Fewer errors during migration due to the complete automation of migration processes 
  • Less time spent on bulk editing 
  • Easy identification of potential errors before the actual migration 
  • Encryption that meets the latest TLS protocols for confident IT security 

FluentBooks proved to be a valuable solution for ivari’s migration needs, delivering numerous benefits and helping the company achieve its goals. 

Find out how a company in the insurance industry overcame migration challenges and achieved success using FluentPro FluentBooks.  

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