Project Online Backup

Project Online Backup: Why, What, and How to Backup?




Data gets lost. We all know it happens – somewhere along the line – but we kind of hope it will not happen to us. However, the reality is, at some point, it happens in all organizations. This is because there’s always a chance that human error, negligence, or a system crash will occur.

A while ago, we surveyed our clients about their disaster recovery experiences while using Microsoft Project Online. Soon after, we released an interesting infographic to showcase the striking results and statistics that we collected. In a nutshell, it became obvious that while the majority of the companies surveyed do have a disaster recovery solution in place, only 5% have a disaster recovery solution or practices for Project Online backup.

Disaster recovery for Microsoft Project Online

For companies actively using Microsoft Project Online, a backup tool is a must-have these days. In our survey, 65% of respondents said it can take up to 8 hours per project to restore and validate. Downtime costs are huge, so regular administrative backups should obviously become standard practice.




FluentPro G.A. Suite comprises a complete, easy-to-use toolset to help companies manage the lifecycle of Microsoft Project Online environments, as well as provides governance capabilities for Microsoft Office 365 PPM.

Among other features, FluentPro offers disaster recovery capabilities and allows Project Online users to implement back up and restore practices, choose what and when to back up – as well as restore when and what they need to restore. This service is called “FluentPro Backup for Project Online” and is offered as a part of the G.A. Suite.

With FluentPro Backup, you can perform a backup for:

  • A full PWA
  • A PWA configuration
  • Projects
  • SharePoint content

You can run a backup on schedule or on-demand, for a whole PWA or selected elements only.

To store all the backup data created by G.A. Suite, FluentPro uses Microsoft Azure Storage for exceptional security and high reliability. Backup data is always encrypted to ensure a high confidentiality level.

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Among other things, this solution allows using multiple accounts while performing the backup. This way, all the backup-related job processes are distributed equally among all the user accounts that you set for this. We recommend using 2-3 user accounts per 1,000 projects. This allows you to speed up the backup process and avoids throttling and other timeout errors.


G.A. Suite Backup




By default, Backup for Project Online uses credentials set in the Connection Settings section.

In case you want to use additional accounts, check the “Use specific credentials” checkbox and enter the login credentials.

Project Online Backup

Click “+” to add login and password or “x” to remove an additional account. Then select the PWA content that you wish to create a backup of by checking the appropriate checkboxes and click START.

Project Online Backup


Now, you’re all set. When the backup starts, it will run quickly and smoothly, and the processing will be done using those multiple accounts.

Please note that specified user account(s) should be assigned to the PWA Administrators’ security group and the Site Collection Administrators group on the PWA.

We strongly suggest using the “Service Account” type of credentials created specifically for FluentPro Backup for Project Online to avoid these accounts being used simultaneously on the PWA while the backup is running.

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By implementing FluentPro G.A. Suite and establishing backup procedures, your company will definitely be prepared in case of data loss:

  • You’ll have a disaster recovery solution in place for the most critical PWAs in your tenants;
  • You’ll have full backups running regularly for your most essential PWAs;
  • You’ll be able to test the restore process and will know what to do in case data loss happens.

As a result, you can rest assured there will be no productivity loss and minimized downtime risks – all due to having an enterprise-level backup solution available by using the FluentPro G.A. Suite platform.

If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. For more details or a demo, please contact the FluentPro sales team.