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Top Trello Project Management Tips to Boost Team Productivity

Reading Time: 3 mins
Elena Humeniuk

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Trello project management software allows teams to work with each other better. Project managers can use it to improve their team performance over the long term. This article will look at some handy project management tips that will let you use Trello to boost your team’s productivity.

How to Use Trello for Project Management

Trello can be invaluable for teams because it allows teams to reduce downtimes. Look at these Trello tips and try them out for your next project!

Tip#1: Create Trello Boards

You can use Trello Boards to create a space for your team members where they can express themselves. They can share their comments on what they think went well, what didn’t go as planned, and the most important things they’ve learned from the project.

Team members collect and gather these crucial pieces of organizational knowledge for future projects. This “lessons learned” documentation will assist new team members and help provide insight.


When you assign each team member to commit to writing out the lessons they’ve learned on these Boards, you create a repository of valuable information that can help others.

You can decide to formalize this process or ask your team members to add information they deem valuable. Either way, the insights they will share will be crucial for future projects and teams. Besides, your team members will also feel valued as they see their opinions are being taken seriously, increasing their commitment to their work.

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Tip#2: Communicate Consistently

Trello has Power-Up features that work as status updates for team members. It is automated and seamless. As a result, it helps all team members quickly get on the same page about work deliverables, deadlines, and expected submissions.

When you encourage your team members to share daily updates, you help improve top-to-bottom communication. As a result, you can make decisions with more transparency and reduce lag times.


Your project is dependent on your team working together. If practical, continuous communication is not ensured, there are high chances your project will go off the rails in terms of meeting deadlines.

You understand the key issues causing missed deadlines by improving communication across your team. Moreover, it is essential to note that everyone has their way of communicating. Therefore, by building formalized processes, you can establish an effective communication channel that will stay consistent throughout the project’s life cycle.

Trello’s Power-Up features help you do just that. Feel free to encourage team members and their leads to complete scheduled tasks and provide support. This feature can significantly reduce lag time and improve accountability.

Tip#3: How to Use Trello Project Management Cards

Cards are an important, customizable part of Trello. You can use cards to structure an ecosystem of checklists, due dates, attachments, comments, and more. Moreover, they help you get a bird’s eye view of your project.

Your team can use Cards to manage deadlines, provide and track feedback, assign specific tasks, and hand off work. You can also use Cards to connect your work with other apps as you see fit.


Any project has its unique set of deliverables that team members must submit appropriately. Using Cards gives you an overview of the deliverables, the key roles your team members will have, and the deadlines you will all have to meet.

Tip#4: Integrate Work Tools

With project management software Trello, you can connect the apps your team already uses and input them directly into your Trello dashboards. The software also has unique Power-Up tools that help you fine-tune specific needs.

Trello supports all popular work apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Slack, and Confluence. As a result, you have cross-functional control over your work deliverables, essential documents, and media.


Work software suites can feel bloated because of the number of extra steps you need to take for you to operate them individually. With Trello, understanding which platforms have the files you need becomes much more manageable.

Moreover, your team can easily organize deliverables and work with shared media with cross-functional support.

Tip#5: Use Trello Project Management Templates

Trello has many project management templates you can browse through and use for your project. You can assign owners to deliverables, add some users to specific Trello cards, create due dates, etc.


Trello’s project management templates allow you to quickly set up your team’s workflow. As a result, you can reduce downtime between projects. Moreover, you can adapt to various projects due to the extensive collection of templates. It allows you to be more flexible with your team. Furthermore, it opens room for easier cross-team collaborations.

Bonus Tip: Use Trello Security

Trello is a SAAS product that can run the risk of losing data. Therefore, your team must have backups of your Trello boards. If data is deleted in Trello, you cannot retrieve it again.

So, we recommend using Trello backup solution to protect your data. It automatically backs up information stored on your boards, cards, and lists. So, you don’t have to worry about losing or messing up your dashboards.

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We hope you have learned valuable tips on using Trello for project management in this article. Trello can seem daunting when you first use it. But as you use Trello more with your team, you will find more ways to utilize its features. We hope this article has helped you understand how to use Trello project management effectively.

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