5 Common Causes of Data Loss

We all make mistakes. Computers and hardware storages are not perfect either, unfortunately, and can fail when we least expect. When they do, data loss occurs. Unfortunately, these are realities that haunt every organization when it comes to project management too. As a result, PMO...

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project backup

Project Backup for Microsoft Project for the Web

Organizations use modern project management tools such as Microsoft Project for the Web to manage hundreds of projects at once. These project systems contain numerous mission-critical data, and one mistake in data migration, sharing, and management can disrupt operations. PMO directors are looking for the...

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get started with project for the web

Get Started with Project for the Web

Considering start using Microsoft Project for the Web? In this article, you’ll get an overview of how to use Microsoft Project as a beginner. Microsoft Project for the Web is a platform for project management and cloud-based work. Team members and project, program, and portfolio managers...

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on premise vs cloud

Project Portfolio Management: On-Premise vs Cloud

Choosing a project management system, organizations may question what’s the difference between on-premise vs cloud based platforms. On-premise (sometimes called customer-hosted) software solutions are installed and managed on-site, in an organization's own data center, instead of cloud software, which is hosted offsite and accessed via...

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