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Power BI for Microsoft Dynamics: Solutions & How-to

The era of CRM, in its primordial design, has passed. Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft cloud service that integrates the functionality of former Dynamics CRM and cloud-based ERP solutions into one integrated product with many supporting applications and tools. In fact, Microsoft abandoned individual brands that it had been creating for many years (such as […]

Project Delivery Done Right. What Do You Need To Track And Analyze?

Project Delivery

Most likely, we will not be too original in once again stating that management implies measurement. This topic is particularly relevant for large companies. This article does not claim to be the absolute truth. We are ready to offer a list of metrics that need to be measured in projects and given to senior management […]

Why a “Bigger Picture” of Your Planner Progress is Important and How to See it Using Power BI

Planner Progress

Microsoft Office 365 is a toolbox filled with wonder. It is designed so that you can streamline your daily workflow while getting your job done efficiently and quickly. Microsoft Planner is a tool designed to help with project management. Microsoft Planner enables your teams to create multiple task lists connected to different projects or daily […]

Getting Started with Power BI Reporting: The Most Important Basics and Tips

Power BI is essentially a business analytics tool that gives users an easy way to data modeling. It lets you visualize data, share it across your enterprise, or even embed it into your app or website. Connecting data from hundreds of sources and molding it into purposeful incites with live dashboards and reports.   Using […]

Portfolio Forecasting with Microsoft Power BI: How-To Guide

PPM and Power BI enables improved overview and better decision making, more efficient collaboration, reduced maintenance cost, and a customized solution for a clear overview of financials, resources, and portfolio health and allowing for portfolio forecasting. Portfolio Forecasting is the ability to anticipate the impact of economic and market changes on your portfolio. If you […]

Power BI Overview for Beginners: Features, Reports, and How to Start

To create understandable reports and update them in real-time, modern businesses need a powerful service for information processing. Power BI is quite a multifunctional tool, so it’s hard enough to describe all its functionality in one article. We’ve decided to provide answers to basic questions about working with Power Bi reports, for example:   How […]

Portfolio Management and Reporting for Microsoft Office 365 Planner: a How-to Guide

The modern workforce implies that everyone’s job is fast-paced and a little overwhelming. Today, everyone has to crosslink their job not only with teammates but also with multiple levels of portfolio management and stakeholders and keep in touch all the time. To keep track of work, all of us need some sort of task management […]

Power BI Report Packs for Project Management Systems

Power BI Report Packs

Being a Microsoft Gold-certified partner, we’re focusing primarily on the Project Portfolio Management competence and work with all the Microsoft work-, project-, and portfolio management solutions. Since 2009, we’ve developed a number of products aimed at boosting the value that users get from Microsoft Project Server and Project Online.   Over the last couple of […]

Reporting in Microsoft PPM: Tools Overview

Reporting is truly the primary way for project stakeholders to track overall progress and identify project areas that require attention. Many organizations, however, still don’t have a centralized PPM solution in place and mainly use Microsoft Excel for reporting, which means manual data input, inconsistencies, and lots of time wasted.   With Office 365, Microsoft […]

Top Power BI Features for Microsoft PPM Professionals

Microsoft Project Online is a flexible online solution for project portfolio management (PPM), and Power BI is one of those tools that definitely makes reporting easier from Project Online. Power BI Content Pack for Microsoft PPM employs the latest visualizations and features available in Power BI and contains portfolio-, resource-, and project-related reports.     […]

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