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The Best (and the Rest) Project Management Software 2022

Project management (PM) software can give you an edge when dealing with multiple, complex projects for your company. These tools help you allocate resources, assign tasks, and track project status more efficiently. Inadequate project management practices waste money, energy, and time. So, companies are investing in techniques that can utilize the workforce properly.   Choosing […]

Top 7 Advantages of Data Backup and Recovery

Alongside remote working and the rise of data-driven businesses, during the pandemic companies also saw an increase in data loss. According to a report by IBM, the cost of data breaches in 2021 was the highest in 17 years, jumping from US$3.86 million to US$4.24 million per year. Organizations manage a large portion of the […]

How to Backup

Project and portfolio managers use flexible systems like to deliver projects quickly. However, today’s projects consist of several initiatives with complex processes and technical issues. These challenges undermine efficient data management, increasing the risk of human errors and data loss or corruption. Due to high risks, organizations need a reliable solution to backup […]

What Is Risk Management and Why Is It Important?

It’s easier to ignore the possibility of risks when the business is doing well — but not having a plan for potential unforeseen threats could be the most significant risk of all. The risk management process involves identifying, assessing, and controlling risk factors that threaten an organization’s earnings and assets. Risks may arrive from multiple […]

What Is a Risk Management Strategy?

Project management comes with numerous challenges and risks. Anything that could undermine performance, delay your project, or increase costs should be managed to mitigate its impact. As a project manager, you need efficient risk management strategies to protect your project and fulfill the organization’s needs.   What is project risk management? Project risk management is […]

How to Avoid Data Loss in Microsoft Project for the Web

The thought of losing mission-critical data in Microsoft Project for the Web can keep any project manager up at night. But this should not be the case. As a project, program, or portfolio manager, you handle sensitive client information and business data. A single wrong click can wipe out everything. To avoid data loss, you […]

A Comprehensive Project Management Guide

In any industry, the success of projects determines the organization’s growth and profits. Project management enables your team to deliver results that directly impact the company’s bottom line. In this article, we talk about all the essential aspects and your ideal project management guide.   Project Management Project management is a process that involves:   […]

The Project Risk Management Process in 6 Clear Steps

Project managers feel accomplished when they plan and manage their projects effectively according to the best risk management plan. Every organization seeks the best ways to manage its projects, particularly in business environments where the best-laid business plans are prone to various risks. A successful PMO director develops and implements project management skills with tried-and-tested […]

Why backup is critical for Microsoft Project for the Web

Although most project managers focus on acquiring the best PPM systems, efficient backup is also crucial for success. Think of cloud backup as a safety belt. Just because you’re driving the latest car model doesn’t mean you don’t need a safety belt. No project is immune to the threat of data loss or accidental deletions. […]

Project Data Integrity for Microsoft Project for the Web

Data is the heartbeat of an organization’s operations. Keeping it secure via cloud backup for Microsoft Project for the Web activities has never been more critical. Data is what gives business and private organizations their unique identity. And in this era of frequent data analytics, they generate, modify, and consume unprecedented amounts of data. Thus, […]

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