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The Best (and the Rest) Project Management Software

March 11, 2022

Project management (PM) software can give you an edge when dealing with multiple, complex projects for your company. These tools help you allocate resources, assign tasks, and track project status more efficiently.

Inadequate project management practices waste money, energy, and time. So, companies are investing in techniques that can utilize the workforce properly.

Choosing the Right PM Software

Project management programs make project management seamless and give your company a competitive edge over others. Each PM software has unique features and shortcomings. Unfortunately, there is no universal software that can cater to the needs of every business.

This article looks at some of the best PM tools from hundreds of alternatives. is a popular project management solution.

The platform is best known for its versatility, and it comes with valuable features like customizable templates, custom task automation, multiple project views, built-in time tracking, etc. Monday can sync with Slack, Zoom, and other tools with its robust integrations.

Regarding security, it includes Undo option when an entity is deleted. It’s available for only 1 minute.

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Read more also boasts Dashboards that are highly customizable and packed with pre-built widgets. These widgets allow project managers to get real-time capacity updates and swiftly allocate resources. Moreover, with private or public settings, also lets you easily control your dashboards’ access.

Besides a few shortcomings in limited task dependencies and subscription-exclusive features, Monday is suitable for your project management needs.


Trello is a cloud-based project management software famous for its support across cross-platforms and is an excellent option for new project managers.

Trello features a simple interface and uses a Kanban-style card management system, making project management fast and flexible. You can even attach due dates, important links, images, files, and other helpful information on the cards.

Users can organize their projects using computers, tablets, or smartphones. It supports Windows, Mac, and other iOS devices, allowing you to use intuitive shortcuts to speed things up further.

Trello’s drawback comes in the form of a limited reporting feat. If you focus on detailed reports, you’re better off using third-party tools or entirely different options.

Project for the Web

Project for the Web, part of the Microsoft Project product family, is a simple and intuitive task management solution that PMO admins can use to manage projects of any size.

Based on the Microsoft Power Platform, Project for the Web offers features like Project Home, Roadmap, and a web-based, easy-to-use project management experience.

Microsoft’s Project for the Web is built for lightweight projects, but it has many features. You can easily set and track dependencies, visualize with Board View, or manage projects with the hierarchical Task Grid view.

Project for the Web lets you track the most critical tasks with Milestones, visually monitor timelines with Task Scheduling and Gantt charts, and track deliverables and phases with Summary Tasks. Besides its in-built features, Project for the Web is also integrated with the MS ecosystem, making it easy to use with MS Teams, Power BI, SharePoint, and more.

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Launched in 2004, Basecamp is one of the oldest project management solutions available. It has built popularity among large enterprises as a handy tool to work on complex and big projects.

The app has more than three million users and is best known for its robust collaboration features.

Basecamp is best known for collaborating with group chats and message boards. Moreover, it features a clean interface.

Basecamp has a powerful ‘Find’ tool that lets you find any task, message, or image you need.

Users can easily communicate with clients via email integrations and share progress with people outside the business. They can even customize notification settings to pop up only during work hours.

FluentPro – supporting your project management needs

With all the options for project management software available on the market, it is often hard to settle on one. Besides, it is often necessary to work with multiple PM software for different needs and requirements of various projects. As such, it’s beneficial to have an all-in-one solution like FluentPro to simplify your project management experience.

Trusted by global giants such as Forever 21, Revlon, Metlife, and Starbucks, FluentPro offers a unique range of solutions to help with migration, integration, protection, and operations for your PPM software.

With the fast and fully secure migration feature, FluentPro lets you seamlessly shift from one platform to another without losing out on security or critical data. As a result, companies can save time and resources by avoiding the trouble of finding a technical expert.

Besides advanced automation features, FluentPro offers full Microsoft Project Online integration with Jira, Outlook, Azure DevOps, and other platforms.

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