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Portfolio Management with Project for the Web

Project Portfolio Management, or PPM, is the continuous process of selecting, prioritizing, executing, and monitoring all the projects and portfolios in an organization. PPM’s primary goal is to judge the feasibility of the projects under the portfolios and choose the best projects to meet the company’s objectives. It ensures that the risks are minimized and […]

A Dive into the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center

Security of project data and clients’ sensitive information is important for organizations. Implementing security and compliance protocols, they use Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. Furthermore, organizations should think of project data backup as an additional level of security and protection.   Why do organizations use the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center? Data in […]

Data Protection for Microsoft Project for the Web

PPM administrators manage Microsoft Project for the Web platform. A single mistake in data migration, sharing, and management can lead to data loss, disruptions, and delays. Use the best third-party solution for Microsoft cloud backup for efficient data loss protection.   Why is data protection crucial for Microsoft Project for the Web? As a PMO, […]

Microsoft Project for the Web Backup: Why, What, and How

Why? Data loss and document corruption happen all the time—but we all hope it won’t happen to us. Nevertheless, these are regular occurrences for all organizations due to the strong possibility of human errors, negligence, or system failure. Most companies have a disaster recovery plan. This usually includes specific procedures for recovering IT infrastructure when […]

Backup and Restore Projects in Microsoft Project for the Web

Today’s PMO directors are seeking the best solutions to protect their data in Microsoft Project for the Web—a system used by countless organizations to manage hundreds of projects at once. Much mission-critical data is stored in these project systems. Any mistake in data sharing, migration, or management can disrupt an organization’s operations.   To reduce […]

FluentPro G.A. Suite vs. AvePoint for Project Online backup

Project Online backup

PMO Directors and PPM Administrators use Microsoft Project Online to manage and deliver projects aligned with their organizations’ needs. Working on mission-critical projects and portfolios, PMOs and PPMs are not insured against risks related to human error factors and breaches. Data loss can happen anytime and can bring serious damage to organizations and their clients. […]

What is Microsoft Project for the Web

Microsoft Project for the Web is a cloud-based project management tool introduced recently as a part of the Microsoft Project subscription, making the lives of project managers easier. Read on to learn more about Microsoft Project for the Web and simplify its usage.   Microsoft Project for the Web Microsoft Project for the Web is […]

What is Data Integrity?

Organizations today are processing and storing more information than ever. Consequently, preserving data health has become a crying need for companies. In this article, we talk about the importance of data integrity, the issues that come with it, and the steps you can undertake to address them.   Data Integrity Data integrity refers to the […]

Errors, Omission and Data Loss Protection for Microsoft Project for the Web

Microsoft Project for the Web

Working in Microsoft Project for the Web, PMO directors or PPM administrators handle complex processes with many technical issues. Because of this, they may be apprehensive about possible data loss or corruption. Due to high risks, organizations rely on errors and omissions insurance to reduce their liability—but insurance policies won’t prevent damages or recover your […]

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