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FluentPro G.A. Suite or FluentBooks: Which One to Pick Up?

FluentPro G.A. Suite or FluentBooks for Project Online: Which One to Pick Up?


When it comes to proper tools and practices that help users manage Microsoft Project Online environments, the FluentPro team has two major products to offer: FluentBooks and Governance and Administration Suite (G.A. Suite). Although the software packages are designed with different goals in mind, they do share some features. So, let’s explore both tools in more detail to see which one (or perhaps both) might best fit your company’s needs.



To begin with, the key capabilities of FluentPro G.A. Suite are change management, administration and governance for Project Online. The platform allows users to:

  • Deploy and move configuration changes within Office 365 Project Online
  • Copy/duplicate PWA environments
  • Backup/restore projects, PWA configurations, and SharePoint content
  • Audit and document PWA configurations
  • Run configuration, portfolio and project governance reports


We’ve designed FluentPro G.A. Suite with the purpose of making operations simple. All the processes can be performed in just two steps: choose an action for a specific environment, and click Start. Simple as that, thanks to an extremely easy to use UI. FluentPro G.A. Suite ideally fits teams that do not need highly advanced capabilities and flexibility, but want to have fully controlled Microsoft Project Online environments.


FluentBooks, on the other hand, is a much more advanced solution that was primarily designed as a migration tool for Project Server/Project Online consultants and administrators. And since every migration is a complex process with hundreds of variables, FluentBooks provides PWA administrators with all the power and flexibility they need.

FluentBooks delivers more robust control as compared to the majority of FluentPro G.A. Suite capabilities. On top of that, FluentBooks can be used for cross-platform migrations (e.g., migrations from Project Server 2016 to the cloud).


And while FluentBooks does not support the generation of governance reports and dashboards and backup/restore capabilities, it does provide access to a number of wizards that enable power users to perform very complex and specific operations such as editing rates for resources, migrating just one element from security, checking user permissions, to name a few. But let’s take a look at both products’ features side by side.



FluentPro G.A. Suite VS FluentBooks for Project Online





To summarize, FluentPro G.A. Suite is a solution that all MS Project Online users will benefit from, as it provides governance capabilities, includes backup capabilities and helps manage PWAs and the data around them quickly and easily. FluentPro G.A. Suite will provide benefits for organizations of all different levels of complexity, from very simple 1 PWA organizations to organizations with tens of PWAs and thousands of users.


Meanwhile, FluentBooks is an advanced and complex tool designed to manage migration-related tasks, cross-platform or within Office 365 tenants tasks, and support advanced administration scenarios. And if your Project Online administrators need to access features such as advanced configuration comparisons between PWAs, data comparisons, single element selection/migration, data bulk edits, and such, FluentBooks is the right tool for you.


Ultimately, if your organization is a large one, with a complex configuration or several configurations, and you make frequent changes to configurations – it will absolutely benefit from employing both tools on different operation levels.


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