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Advanced Project for the Web Resource Management

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Elena Humeniuk

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In a project management landscape that is constantly evolving, achieving success is mainly dependent on project managers’ ability to manage resources effectively. MS Project for the Web resource management offers advanced features that revolutionize portfolio management initiatives. This article discusses Project for the Web’s capabilities and how they assist project managers in planning and undertaking project resource and portfolio management.

What is Project for the Web?

Project for the Web is a crucial component of the popular Microsoft Project suite. It boasts powerful functionalities and intuitive design that allows portfolio managers to streamline MS Project resource allocation, enhancing agile and efficient project management processes.

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Resource Management in Microsoft Project for the Web

Resource management is the foundation of successful project execution, and Microsoft continues to offer innovative ways for portfolio managers to achieve it. Project for the Web is one of the best tools provided by Microsoft to optimize and streamline resource planning, resource scheduling, allocation, budgeting, and execution:

  • The latest Bookings feature in MS Project for the Web gives project managers insight into what resources to allocate, the workforce supply and demand by a particular project, and more.
  • Once you’re through with installing Project for the Web, the Resource Scheduling app will become available for use.
  • Make your resources bookable, create roles, and state the required skills.
  • Start enjoying your Microsoft Project resource management in earnest by initiating resource requests.

Challenges Faced by Portfolio Managers Using Microsoft Project for the Web

While Microsoft Project for the Web provides robust features and functionalities for resource management, several challenges may be encountered while using this platform. Some of these challenges include:

  • Complex configurations

Although Project for the Web offers robust features, they only sometimes cover all the functionalities that companies need. As a result, configuring the system could take a lot of time, causing delays in project execution and meeting scheduled deadlines.

  • Increased cost

Deployment comes with substantial added expenditures. For example, you will need to train your staff. Such training can entail a significant financial investment, negatively impacting the company’s ROI.

  • Lack of Robust Features

Predefined reports save much time on data visualization. Project managers may need help to gauge project performance and gain valuable insights. This further prevents management from making informed, swift, and effective decisions.

  • No Customization

Projects are dynamic so changes can take place at any stage. Unfortunately, the absence of crucial features such as “change control” and “customization” in Project for the Web means project managers may face difficulties making real-time and prompt adjustments to resource allocations when project timelines or requirements shift.

  • Learning Curve

Adapting to new tools often comes with a learning curve for portfolio managers and team members.

Understanding and resolving these challenges is essential for ensuring flawless project execution and fully exploiting the immense benefits of resource management features.

Accelerate your Project for the Web Resource Management Functionalities

Do you need help finding the solution to managing resources in Microsoft Project or the entire project portfolio? You’re not alone. Several companies have encountered similar challenges and overcome them by adopting a third-party acceleration tool to boost their Project for the Web PPM functionalities. That tool is called FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator.

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How FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator Advances Project Portfolio Management

FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator is a third-party tool that offers dynamic solutions to your PPM needs. The system integrates seamlessly with Project for the Web and elevates the resource management environment and PPM lifecycle, providing robust and efficient project portfolio results.

FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator eliminates the complexities of configuring Project for the Web, making managing your deployment easier. The swift portfolio acceleration also reduces project management workloads, time, and costs of deployments, resulting in positive ROI.

Other features include:

  • FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator features a ‘workaround interface’ that saves you the hassle of configuring your instance settings.
  • Thanks to the tool’s quick start and high-speed configuration, businesses save time and additional expenses, making it easier for portfolio managers to adopt Project for the Web for their PPM objectives.
  • The tool also has a unique budgeting feature that allows organizations to perform seamless allocations with insightful analysis.
  • The tool’s real-time dashboards, customizable fields, views, and predefined Power BI reports give project managers the flexibility required for informed decision-making and efficient control over their PPM procedures.
  • Moreover, FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator helps leverage Microsoft Project for the Web’s flexibility to adapt to changes quickly.
  • The tool offers precise optimization and customization that helps align your MS Project for the Web features to suit your business goals and objectives.

You can easily streamline your business operations, enhance team collaboration, make prompt and informed decisions, and achieve superb resource management and project outcomes.

Outstanding Benefits of FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator

The solution isn’t just feature-rich; it brings more value to your business in the following ways:

  • Saved time and effort on Microsoft Project for the Web configuration.
  • Extended project portfolio management capabilities.
  • Maximized project management initiatives and positive outcomes that create a sense of fulfillment among your project team.
  • Customization maximizes PPM efficiency and encourages strategic decision-making while minimizing unnecessary expenses and time wasted.
  • Professionally managed deployment fosters efficient project portfolio performance and enhances stakeholders’ satisfaction.
  • Eliminated the complexity of setting up Project for the Web while making your entire PPM environment ready to use.

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