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Simple Steps to Implement Successful Project Portfolio Management

Reading Time: 2 mins
Anna Shalomova

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Project portfolio management allows Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers to manage multiple, interrelated initiatives using a centralized or integrated framework. Effective PPM implementation should align project management with organizational approaches and strategic goals. As a portfolio manager, you need a robust solution to establish your portfolio management process.

Analyze your current state

As organizations grow, their needs increase. Work management systems must evolve to meet emerging needs. If you’re adopting new project and portfolio management solution, you should constantly upgrade existing processes. It shall increase organizations’ competitive edge, growth, and profitability. However, PPM improvement and implementation come with several technical challenges:

  • Data collection and definition of methodologies, objectives, milestones, and governance structure.
  • Assessment of ongoing projects against the organization’s strategy to determine whether they meet strategic goals. You may also need to evaluate your completion rate.
  • Standardization of portfolio management and systems for optimal utilization of resources and funds.
  • Align projects to business strategy and scope to increase the organization’s competitive advantage in the long term.

The project portfolio management process is complex. You need the best PPM implementation solution to successfully establish your workflow.

Eliminate existing challenges

With the objective to improve workflow management, you’ll need efficient data collection and analysis, risk assessment, governance, and more. The best PPM implementation solution should fulfill these requirements, reduce existing complexities, and maximize business value.

How to streamline the adoption of Project Portfolio Management

Project for the Web is the latest project and portfolio management solution with robust functionalities. After successful PPM implementation, the software can streamline your lifecycle and increase your company’s competitive advantage.

  • Create a plan: Analyze your needs and create a custom strategy. There is no one-fits-all portfolio management process. The ideal solution should help you define and document activities, such as change request management.
  • Evaluate: Assess projects against the organization’s strategy. Your solution should help you analyze gathered data to determine how many projects meet strategic goals.
  • Build your portfolio: The best PPM implementation solution can help you create portfolios using bottom-to-top or high-level planning. It should streamline risk identification and prevention, budget allocation, and other complexities.
  • Roll out: This step requires collaboration and communication to surface unexpected issues. Your implementation solution should encourage key stakeholders to share their challenges and ideas to overcome obstacles.

The goal is to create and implement a project portfolio management process with a healthy risk-reward mix. To accomplish this, learn from your experiences and adapt accordingly for continuous improvement. User a robust project and portfolio management solution built on Microsoft Power Platform to streamline your project and portfolio management.

A PPM implementation solution that extends Project for the Web functionality can enhance your management.

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Simplify PPM implementation

Managing a portfolio involves several steps with unique challenges. As a project manager, you’ll need to collect, process, and analyze data, identify and prevent risks, and review budget requests. PMs must also define key activities and align budget allocation with the organization’s financial strategy. The best solution can automate and streamline your portfolio management.

Value realization

Implementing PPM successfully offers several benefits for your organization.

  • It increases your company’s ROI and competitive advantage by ensuring each project delivers maximum business value.
  • An efficient project portfolio management process ensures consistency in project planning and execution.
  • With the correct establishment, you make timely and accurate decisions.
  • An effective PPM solution aligns each project with the scope and your organization’s strategic goals. It provides a roadmap for project execution, saving you time and money.

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