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Eliminate risks of human errors and data loss with Project for the Web Backup.
For business organizations, extracting data from multiple sources is the key to making result-oriented project decisions. PMO directors are keen on data reporting and analytics from supported data sources such
The challenge of creating a project dashboard PMO directors often have a hard time creating a portfolio or project-level dashboards where they can get a glance at key project parameters.
Integration of Project Online and Jira made easy by FluentPro Integration Hub.   Managing a vast project is not easy for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) administrators or Project Management Office
PMO and PPM administrators face many challenges but rely on policies, which only cover their liability. It is not enough. They need robust solutions to address underlying technical issues.  
Microsoft Project Online
Using FluentPro Integration Hub to work in between Microsoft Project and Project Online enhances effective project management.   A digital age that calls for a digitized action plan  The reality
The relevance of data-driven decision-making is more prominent today than ever as enthusiasm around Big Data continues to grow. PMO Directors and PPM Administrators hold more respected positions in the
Protecting your projects in Microsoft Project Online is FluentPro’s Specialization.   The loss of critical project data while working with Microsoft Project Online is an existential threat to organizations’ strategic
Table of contents: Change Management: The Basics How to establish enterprise-wide change management practices for PPM environment? What are the things a PMO needs to succeed? So what exactly is
Table of contents: Advantages Integrating Microsoft Planner + Project Online What are the things a project manager needs to succeed? So what exactly is FluentPro Integration Hub? How can we
Like any innovation, the introduction of a new approach and toolbox, such as Microsoft Project Online adoption and implementation, at the very beginning is seen as the “make everything great”
Eliminate risks of human errors and data loss with Project for the Web Backup.