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Power BI Pack for FluentPro G.A. Suite Overview

Working in Microsoft Project Online, many modern organizations use project data protection and SharePoint backup solutions to run their operations smoothly. But for project managers, it’s essential to know what is happening with data on these tools. Operational information is vital for effective management. PMO directors need to spot possible gaps and prepare for data […]

Smartsheet Backup vs. FluentPro Backup

Today, businesses are data-driven. Organizations are capturing vast amounts of data and using it to make better decisions. The success of organizations in meeting their performance goals largely depends on the speedy availability of relevant data. Every project manager wishes to access timely, accurate data when needed.   Smartsheet is an online spreadsheet-like collaboration platform […]

How To Customize Project for The Web

The objective of the Microsoft Project product team was to make it simple to start, modify, construct schedules, and assign resources. And to implement this to manage your projects, you wouldn’t require a lot of setups. However, you can customize Project for the Web according to your organization’s specific needs. This article will help you […]

Migration MS Project Server

Microsoft Project Server and Project Online are popular project management systems. However, PWA administrators and PMO team members must scramble to look for ways to migrate their projects every time Microsoft updates the MS Project Server to enhance its capabilities. PWA Administrators and PMO team members look for the best ways to migrate their projects. […]

How to Back Up SharePoint, Planner, Project Online, and Project for the Web

Data can get damaged, compromised, or lost quickly. It is particularly true for SaaS products like Office 365. While its line of services can be crucial for companies, it focuses more on disaster recovery (reactive) than on data backup (proactive).   However, the truth is that without proactive measures for data security, something like human […]

Top Trello Tips to Boost Team Productivity

Trello project management software allows teams to work with each other better. Project managers can use it to improve their team performance over the long term. This article will look at some handy project management tips that will let you use Trello to boost your team’s productivity.   How to Use Trello for Project Management […]

Is Trello Secure?

Trello is a cloud-based project management software known for its ease of use. Trello for project management is a prevalent choice thanks to the real-time activity feed, extensive range of integrations, option to invite non-members, Kanban boards, and more.   Trello software allows users to manage almost everything, from calendars to client information. The program […]

How to backup Trello data

Nowadays, businesses are data-driven, capturing large amounts of data to facilitate decision-making. The success of organizational teams in accomplishing their goals largely depends on the immediate availability of pertinent data. Therefore, organizations need to ensure that their data is available.   Significant challenges faced by project managers However, project managers face significant challenges in their […]

Leverage Microsoft Project for the Web with the Portfolio Accelerator

PMO directors and project managers can often find that out-of-the-box, unconfigured MS Project for the web fail to meet various organizational needs. It can also be challenging to manage and allocate activities with proper visibility and face issues with detecting threats or data backups.   FluentPro Portfolio Accelerator for Project for the Web can effortlessly […]

Backup Software for Project Portfolio Management

Project managers, directors, and administrators require the most effective technique for managing PPM lifecycles. On top of that, they must keep track of regular file updates every day. Project managers must regularly deal with human errors, data loss, and corruption. Problems like these can become a significant obstacle, reducing team productivity and stalling projects. Consequently, […]

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