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Smartsheet Backup Best Practices

Smartsheet is a robust project management tool that provides a real-time view of tasks and holds mission-critical data. As an IT admin, you’ll need efficient Smartsheet backup to protect against accidental deletions, data loss, and corruption.   Why organizations need data protection Smartsheet allows users to add details to “sheets,” such as description, status, due […]

How to Take Control of Your Project Data Using Integration Software

Today’s efficient project management heavily depends on the different PM systems you have in place. From Microsoft Project to Jira, Azure DevOps, or Planner- project management teams use several tools to track, monitor, organize and collaborate. With the usage of multiple platforms comes the question of integrating project management tools to work seamlessly with each […]

Choosing the Best Data Backup Solution

Project management comes with several risks, including human errors, data loss, and corruption. Implementing a reliable backup and recovery strategy can reduce risks and minimize time wasted on data protection. So, organizations need robust data backup solutions for project data security.   What is data backup? Data backup is a process that involves making a […]

How to Restore Deleted Projects in Asana

Organizations work with different project management systems, such as Asana to handle large amounts of sensitive data. Data is the lifeblood of every organization, from resource planning to task management. However, human errors can result in lost or damaged mission-critical data. So, project managers are keen to find an Asana backup and restore tool to […]

How to Use Asana for Your Organization

As your business grows, it is essential to keep track of and manage the different workflows in your organization. But how can you streamline the workflow? Easy – use a project management tool like Asana. Asana is a web-based project management tool that helps companies organize and track their workflows. This article will talk about […]

Project for the Web – Reports and Analytics with Power BI

Product managers leverage analytics every day to influence their decision-making. By looking at the data, you identify issues, design projects, and allocate resources across the many stages of the project lifecycle. The need for data-driven solutions has grown over time. As a result, tools like Project for the Web and Power BI have become vital […]

The Complete Guide for Asana Backup and Recovery

Modern business practices entail that organizations have the best project management systems. Such innovative tools enable businesses to manage a project and enjoy scalable portfolio performance efficiently. While Asana offers commendable project management functionality, PMO directors must ensure that mission-critical data are safe throughout the project lifecycle. So, organizations using Asana look for the best […]

How to Restore Corrupted Projects in Microsoft Project for the Web

Effective project management goes beyond managing tasks, teams and must include risk mitigation strategies. PMO directors and PPM administrators face numerous project risks, including data corruption due to human errors or system failures. These issues can happen when working on projects and portfolios in Microsoft Project for the Web. PMO directors and PPM administrators need […]

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