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How to Use Asana for Your Organization

As your business grows, it is essential to keep track of and manage the different workflows in your organization. But how can you streamline the workflow? Easy – use a project management tool like Asana.   Asana is a web-based project management tool that helps companies organize and track their workflows. This article will talk […]

Project for the Web – Reports and Analytics with Power BI

Product managers leverage analytics every day to influence their decision-making. By looking at the data, you identify issues, design projects, and allocate resources across the many stages of the project lifecycle. The need for data-driven solutions has grown over time. As a result, tools like Project for the Web and Power BI have become vital […]

Asana: Project Management Software Review

What is Asana software? Asana is a flexible, fast, and modern project management software designed to manage tasks among a group of people. Its primary function is to track responsibilities for tasks and all other relevant information, such as whom it was assigned to, due dates, and the steps required to complete the task.   […]

The Complete Guide for Asana Backup and Recovery

Modern business practices entail that organizations have the best project management systems. Such innovative tools enable businesses to manage a project and enjoy scalable portfolio performance efficiently. While Asana offers commendable project management functionality, PMO directors must ensure that mission-critical data are safe throughout the project lifecycle. So, organizations using Asana look for the best […]

How to Restore Corrupted Projects in Microsoft Project for the Web

Effective project management goes beyond managing tasks, teams and must include risk mitigation strategies. PMO directors and PPM administrators face numerous project risks, including data corruption due to human errors or system failures. These issues can happen when working on projects and portfolios in Microsoft Project for the Web. PMO directors and PPM administrators need […]

How to Avoid Data Loss in Microsoft Planner

Organizations control sensitive information in their day-to-day business dealings. This information includes proprietary data, financial data, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and health data. Project managers working with Microsoft Planner must ensure the data doesn’t get misused by unauthorized users or lost. Getting Microsoft Planner backup is a sure way project managers can prevent […]

Guide for Successful Project Online Migration to the Project Server

Migrating from Microsoft Project Online to Project Server requires meticulous planning. Most organizations use Project Online to cut back on hidden charges and make scalable project performance. However, all successful Microsoft Project Online migration relies on technical expertise and support, which IT administrators can get in specific cloud migration solutions.   Migrating MS Project Online […]

How to Restore Project Data in

Most organizations work with project management systems like to manage company projects. makes managing projects easy for project managers, as such systems allow for managing, sharing, and migrating sensitive company data. One human- or computer-based error can result in loss of essential data and disruption to business activities. Thus, PMO directors look for […]

Deploying Project for the Web

Project for the Web, Microsoft’s most recent cloud-based work and project management service, provides project managers and team members with accessible, robust task management features that they can use to plan and manage work at any scale. This Microsoft Project quick start guide discusses using MS Project to deploy projects for both default and non-default […]

The Best (and the Rest) Project Management Software 2022

Project management (PM) software can give you an edge when dealing with multiple, complex projects for your company. These tools help you allocate resources, assign tasks, and track project status more efficiently. Inadequate project management practices waste money, energy, and time. So, companies are investing in techniques that can utilize the workforce properly.   Choosing […]

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