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Eliminate risks of human errors and data loss with Project for the Web Backup.
FluentPro Software is introducing an updated pricing model for Integration Hub. The update is targeted primarily at small and medium-sized businesses and aimed at making Integration Hub a more competitive
When it comes to proper tools and practices that help users manage Microsoft Project Online environments, the FluentPro team has two major products to offer: FluentBooks and Governance and Administration
Archiving Information
In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed a disaster recovery scenario using FluentPro G.A. Suite. This time, we’ll go over a slightly different data management use case that
Budget Planning Process for Projects and Portfolios in Microsoft Project Online   Various statistics show that approximately 43% of projects exceed their planned budget. If you’re in Project Management, you
Microsoft Project Online Platform: Environment Lifecycle   It seems that the world is changing now faster than ever before, and the companies aiming at success have to adapt just as
Previously, in our blog posts, we have discussed the new feature introduced by Microsoft – creating Subsites in different Site Collections. This capability is available to Project Online users and
Disaster recovery
A real-life case developed by our very own company   As with most companies out there, we realize that unfortunate things like data loss can happen. Having performed regular backups,
We recently announced our new FluentPro Governance and Administration Suite (FluentPro G.A. Suite). This platform is essentially a complete and easy-to-use toolset for governance and management of the lifecycle of
How-to: Get Started with Microsoft Project Online PWA in 30 Minutes   Microsoft Project Online is a powerful and flexible cloud solution for enterprise project and portfolio management. It has
In our previous post, we described Microsoft Project Online Change Management and what ITSM change management is, and how FluentBooks helps companies align with the best practices of change management
Eliminate risks of human errors and data loss with Project for the Web Backup.