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Project Backup Guide for Project Managers

Reading Time: 2 mins
Elena Humeniuk

PPM Consultant

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Project managers largely depend on the availability of pertinent data at the right time to succeed in meeting their goals. However, data loss and human error are common challenges that they face. Undoubtedly, they wish to resume their tasks in such scenarios with minimal to no loss. FluentPro has developed FluentPro Backup to help project managers protect their project data effectively.


The significant challenges in project management

Managing large amounts of sensitive data, project managers are vulnerable to specific risks leading to irreversible consequences. The following are the significant challenges that they face:

  • Human errors can happen anytime when managing project data manually.
  • Losing clients’ sensitive information can damage the company’s reputation or spark claims of negligence.
  • Derailed projects and lost productivity due to lack of access to the relevant data.
  • Financial loss due to stalled projects and damaged data.


Cloud-based data backup system is the best solution

Organizations need an effective system to prevent these challenges and data damage to allow project managers to accomplish their objectives and goals. Cloud-based backup systems are the best choice. FluentPro Backup has gained market dominance due to technological advancements and robust protection for most project management platforms, including Microsoft Project for the Web, Office 365 Planner, Dynamics Project Operations, Asana,, Trello, and Smartsheet.

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FluentPro Backup is a perfect option to protect project management data

FluentPro Backup system allows project managers to work securely with different data management systems, offering automated backup and recovery features. Running on the Microsoft Azure platform provides exceptional security by storing data in the cloud. This system performs continuous backup, meaning you can quickly restore your data from previous project versions in case of data loss.


FluentPro Backup includes the following features:

  • Creation of backup copies by setting up a backup schedule (choose your frequency).
  • Complete or partial backup running continuously.
  • A backup copy is automatically generated whenever changes are made.
  • Automatic restoration of a particular project version in the event of unintentional deletion or other emergencies.
  • Creation of multiple plans.
  • Back up projects with related tasks, resources, and groups.

FluentPro Backup was explicitly designed to protect different project management systems. Available options are the following:

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With over ten years of experience in simplifying project portfolio management, the FluentPro team will provide you with the most refined cloud backup and restore system for your business. We’re here to assist you with automating protection and safeguarding your data against loss and human error. Our automated cloud backup platform is highly efficient and reliable.

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The undeniable value of FluentPro Backup

Using FluentPro Backup for project management systems protection provides the following benefits to your organization:

  • Decreased possibility of data loss.
  • Eliminates the expenses as well as risks associated with human errors.
  • Ongoing automated backup.
  • Automated recovery of a specific project version when any damage happens.
  • Enhanced data security and reliability because it runs on Microsoft Azure, which is dependable, stable, and safe.
  • Available for Trello, Microsoft Project for the Web, Asana,, Office 365 Planner, and Smartsheet.
  • The solution requires less support and maintenance, reducing your company expenses.
  • Fast access to the backed-up data.

FluentPro Backup is an advanced solution for project protection by providing automated backup and recovery of project management platforms.

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