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Eliminate risks of human errors and data loss with Project for the Web Backup.
IT initiatives today are driving digital transformation. It is aimed at creating business value and competitive differentiation. The ever-changing business environment increases the number, size, and complexities of projects. Thus,
Connect Microsoft Teams to Planner
Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 app. Connects to OneNote, Planner, Power BI, and more. It is possible to schedule meetings and videoconferences. Users can create group and personal chats,
Today is the big day for Microsoft PPM as it’s the date of the official release of Microsoft Project for Web – the new generation project management and collaboration tool.
Large corporations can afford the parallel development of several large-scale projects. Microsoft is a classic example. The company just launched a new generation of work management and collaboration tool –
Microsoft Power BI Embedded (PBIE) allows application developers to embed impressive, fully interactive reports into their applications, without wasting time and money on creating their own data visualizations and controls
Project Online vs. Oracle
Understanding the limits of the tools you’re choosing and identifying some of its major user issues is important in choosing the most convenient way for your organization to deal with
The era of CRM, in its primordial design, has passed. Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft cloud service that integrates the functionality of former Dynamics CRM and cloud-based ERP solutions into
When choosing DIY Project Online migration with FluentPro FluentBooks, you should pay attention to common pitfalls that make the entire migration process flawless only on paper. A typical system has
Project Delivery
Most likely, we will not be too original in once again stating that management implies measurement. This topic is particularly relevant for large companies. This article does not claim to
PWA Comparison
In computing, file comparison is a very nifty way of keeping track of the changes made to files, PWAs, and environments. It allows you to see what changes have been
Eliminate risks of human errors and data loss with Project for the Web Backup.